Furniture Removal


A Removal Company, Moving Company or van line, is a Logistic Company that helps people relocate their business or household to another premises. 


Throughout history, mankind has always been on a quest for knowledge, new discoveries, and inventions to aid with everyday life. As we evolved and civilizations grew, there was a need for more re-sources and opportunities. Large groups of people moved from one settlement to another in search of better resources. Individuals had very little material goods and usually all their belongings were loaded on to their livestock as they physically walked with them in search of the ideal area to settle. As settlements grew and a social hierarchy started forming, people’s social status started consisting of their material possessions. Their dwellings or establishments became bigger and later permanent structures were erected, which became known as housing.

As bartering gave way to a money structure and trading over vaster distances became possible, people where moving, re-establishing, and migrating to populate the bigger world. Bigger cities evolved, with bigger structures and people moved in to bigger houses and to new opportunities in new cities. Belongings became too much to carry on domestic animals. A new opportunity arose for individuals buying big wagons or carts, to move belongings, which now consisted out of household goods and furniture. This was run as a business and different pricing structures developed. As the means of transportation evolved over the centuries, wagons gave way to trucks, ships and airplanes. The business of removal Companies became more advanced through the years, packaging became essential to minimize damages. Insurance Companies saw an opportunity to insure goods to be transported as damages cannot always be avoided and technology to avoid damages became more advanced.

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Statistics has shown according to a U.S. Census Bureau, 40 million Americans moved yearly over the last decade. Of those people 84.5% was within their own state, 12.5% have moved to another state and 2.3% to another Country. These statistics are on people only and does not include businesses moving from one premises to another. There are different kinds of Removal services today. You get your truck rental Companies, which only supplies you with the truck. The packaging of household goods and furniture and loading of the truck is your responsibility and the Company will not take any liability for damages. Then you get your Furniture removal Companies that is specialized in this area.

They have the latest technology and equipment such as dollies, furniture pads and cargo belts to protect furniture and make it easier to move. They give you an option to pack your goods yourself at a lower cost, provide you with packaging material such as boxes, tape or bubble wrap at an extra cost, or they pack your house or office content for you providing the packaging such as furniture blankets, tie down straps etc. At all times they provide you with professional, efficient and well trained staff. They also provide you with insurance options, in case of any unforeseen damages or accidents. As the value of our goods increased, sentimentally and materially, so has the need for specialized services has increased. In our modern society, cost must always be considered against value of items being moved, replacement cost should there be damages and risk of losing non-replaceable items of sentimental value. 


In this site we have chosen the five leading Companies in the market regarding experience, professionalism and service. These South African Companies also have a very big footprint nationally as well as internationally. They are chosen on reputation for superior service delivery and reliability. They offer different pricing options to suit your needs as a business or private individual. Do not regret a wrong choice, opt for peace of mind.